"Manchester's just about the best place to be bisexual in Britain. There's the whole gay scene thing around Canal Street, sure, but there's also a vibrant alternative queer community, and crucially a strong bisexual community of support and social groups, one-off events, festivals and so forth. Even the leading UK mag for bisexuals, Bi Community News is published here, has been for more than ten years. This website has the UK bisexual news feed; and details of local groups and events likely to be of interest. Let manchester.bi.org be your guide to the delights that are out there..."

one time community hub for bi & queer manchester

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This site is migrating over to biphoria's web space as bi.org is closing down. Good of them to have us, sorry to be saying goodbye to the manchester.bi.org domain that we have had since 1996!

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* Launch Event for "Getting Bi In A Gay/Straight World", Levenshulme, February 2011
* International Celebrate Bisexuality Day event 23 September 2009 Facebook group here
* Bis at Manchester Pride 2009
* LGBT History Month talk "2,000 Years of Bisexuality" - Saturday 16 February 2008
* 7th UK Bi Activism Conference - City Centre, November 2007
* BiFest Manchester - 21 July 2007
* BiCon: 22nd UK bi conference, Fallowfield, August 2004
* 6th International Conference on Bisexuality, Fallowfield, August 2000




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aims to be an online hub of news and links for the local bisexual community around Manchester and North West England. We welcome your feedback and input - email us on manchester at bi dot org

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BiPhoria wrote a while ago to various venues around Manchester's gay village. In the time BiPhoria has been running, there had been a number of problems highlighted to them. Issues of bi people being turned away from gay venues in the city because "this is a gay space" from staff. One bar's door staff even claimed a "bisexuals allowed in on weeknights only" policy.

They asked if bis were welcome, especially in light of the recent Goods & Services legislation which outlaws discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation in most such situations.

Venues that replied and said they welcome bis: Taurus, Rembrandt and (after some time) Poptastic.

Venues that chose not to reply: Axm, Bar Below, Coyotes, Cruz, Eden, Essential, Gaia, Hollywood, Manto, Napoleons, Paddys Goose, Queer, Spirit, New Union, Thompsons, Vanilla.

You may want to bear it in mind when you make your village drinking decisions!

(updated: 29 December 2009)

BiFest Lite?
And a bonus Bi Day date - having it both ways!


BiPhoria is the longest running bisexual group in the country, and turns fifteen this month. To mark that and as a late event for International Celebrate Bisexuality Day, we're having a Bi Day on October 3rd with arts, crafts, workshops and more.

It'll be at LGF from 1pm-7pm; £3/£5 entry

Facebook group here.

(updated: 11 September 2009)

Bis @ Pride 2009
Putting the B in your lgBt Pride!


Join us on the Pride March / Parade, or our stall at the Lifestyle Expo. The B*R*A banner needs a little tweaking but we're all booked!

This year's Manchester Pride is on the weekend of Saturday 29 - Mon 31 August, 2009. That's the weekend after BiCon.

Facebook group here.

(updated: 15 July 2009)